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_MG_1302 (by Tannerjalbert)

_MG_1302 (by Tannerjalbert)

All Time Low (by IainScottPhotography)

All Time Low (by IainScottPhotography)

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Do you ever listen to Put Up Or Shut Up and start crying at a random song because you realise they were literally kids and now look at them


I am so fucking proud

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I got a keek which is cool because the Kardashians have a keek as well, so I’m basically a Kardashian.

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so here we go again, wishin’ we could start again…

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Anonymous said: thanks for the downloads links <3

You’re very welcome. 

Anonymous said: Hi, just a quick question- about how many letters have you given to all Time low so far?

I’ve delivered around 130 letters from fans around the world. 

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